Let's Hack The Future of Retail
22 - 24 May 2015
Højbjerg, Denmark
100 Hackers
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100 talented hackers, creators, designers, mentors, speakers and judges

Let's Create The Future of Retail

On May 22-24th, 2015, 100 developers, designers and retail experts will come together at the Future of Retail Hackathon in Aarhus.

A hackathon is 54 hours of hacking and building awesome stuff, and the format of the event is simple:

1. Form teams and ideate on disruptive retail solutions

2. Hack and build awesome stuff

3. Design and launch prototype/solution

4. Pitch for the jury that consists of 4 retail experts

We provide you with new technologies, so your task is straightforward: get from idea to prototype in 54 hours. No talk, all action!

Everyone can bring an idea for a hack project or an idea – but you don’t need an idea or a concept to participate, what you do need is an interest in learning and connecting with others.

We only have 100 seats. Hurry up and get one of them

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Get ready for 3 action packed days of hacking, amazing food and jolly good times!
Day 1
22 May 2015
Day 2
23 May 2015
Day 3
24 May 2015


Light Dinner

Lasse Chor

Welcome and Introduction

Christophe Marcant

Inspirational talk: The Future of Retail

Kasper Kristensen

Inspirational Talk: Designing Retail Experiences

Lasse Chor

Idea Pitching and Team Formation

Hacking ‘Till You Fall Asleep (The building is open all night)


Hacking and Building


Dinner Deluxe

Demo and Drinks Time

Hacking All Through The Night


Hacking, hacking and hacking


Bjarne Hald

Dinner and Closing Ceremony


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